Судьба лишила нас кумира, Июльской ночью он ушел. Таких уж не осталось в мире. Остался шут, король ушел... Ушла еще одна легенда, Ушел прекрасный музыкант И пусть звучат аплодисменты... Ушел Горшок, ушел наш панк!
A Star Trek Alphabet

A is for aliens (and don’t forget the lumps)
B is for battles with lots of thuds and bumps
C is for the Captains (Picard’s the best by far)
D is for Delancie, Sue’s favourite guest star
E is for enjoyment, the thing some fans forget
F is for feline, Lieutentant Data’s pet
G is for Guinan, try her recipes and rave
H is for the Horta, always handy in a cave
I is for insignia, of which Trek has more than enough
J is for Jones, Cyrano, purvevor… well of ‘stuff’
K is for Klingon, don’t get these big guys mad
L is for Lore (just like Data, only bad)
M is for Morn, Quark’s favourite bar-stool propper-up
N is for the Nagus, old when Quark was just a pup
O is for the O’Briens, sole happy family in Trek
P is for phaser to make your opponents hit the deck
Q is for ?, (sorry, no prizes for guessing who)
R is for RedShirt, career choice few survive to rue
S is for Surak, Spock and Sarek, which just about says it all
T is for transporters to save you walking down the hall
U is for Uniforms, with frequently changed designs
V is for Vulcans, fond of hand-straining finger signs
W is for Wesley, the boy we love to hate
X is for xenopolycythemia, almost McCoy’s agonizing fate
Y is for Yar, Tasha, who did something very strange with time
Z is for Zek (Grand Nagus, a worthy (?!) being to end this rhyme.)

@музыка: шум кулера

@настроение: тоскливое и ностальгическое